Longboarding Guide

Are drop down longboards good for cruising?

Drop down longboards are usually recommended for beginners. Because of this, these types of longboards are for people learning how to lean, slide, weave, and even cruise.

Specifically, drop down longboards are designed for downhill racing. They are capable of reaching high speed fast and are very stable to stand on.

Let’s have a closer look at this type of board and see how they can make your riding experience more fun

What is A Drop Down Longboard?

What is a longboard

It’s very simple to understand. In a way, you can think of a drop down longboard like a valley.

There are two drop-downs on each end of the deck. This design provides riders with a lower center of gravity.

WIth their feet lower to the ground, riders can easily control their boards and ride more confidently.

This is one of the most unique features of a drop down longboard. This is why you often see many people recommend this type for starters.

It’s super easy to ride and even great for kids.

Drop Down And Drop Through Longboards

Just a quick comparison between the two most commonly confused longboards: drop down and drop through.

The Sector 9 Fractal Longboard

As you already know, drop down longboards have drop-downs on their nose and tail.

Drop through boards, on the other hand, have their trucks dropped through the deck. You can actually see the base plate of the trucks on the deck.

Drop through decks can be flat. These are some of the key differences.

Drop Down Longboard Features For Cruising

Drop Down Design

Thanks to its low-to-the-ground deck design, a drop down longboard offers riders a great amount of control and balance on the board.

This feature makes it super easy for beginners to learn how to stand properly on it and begin cruising for the first time.


Most drop down longboards have none to medium flex. Without much flex on the deck, riders get a more stable platform to ride on.

This feature makes it safer for riders who need to cruise on bad pavements or those driveways with lots of cracks.


You will often see drop down longboards with cut-outs. These helps your cruising smoother by avoiding potential wheel bites when you turn left or right.

With some material removed, the board is slightly lighter. This is also nice if you have to carry it on buses, trains, or in your backpack for a long time.

Reverse Kingpin (RKP)

Unlike traditional boards, drop down longboards usually sport RKP. Instead of the pins facing each other, they are now placed facing away from each other.

The advantage of this construction is again to provide you with more stability and less interruption during your ride.

Considerations when buying drop down longboards for cruising

The Sector 9 Nicaragua Longboard

Weight capacity

Firstly, always check how much weight the board can support. You won’t ever want a board that cracks in half during a few first rides.

Many boards today can support riders over 100 lbs, which is good enough for little kids. Boards with more layers of wood can support riders over 250 lbs.

If you’re slightly heavier, be sure to check for boards with 7-ply or 9-ply decks. If you’re lighter, you can save a bit by getting those with fewer layers.


Although cutouts are a nice touch, you don’t really want too big of a cutout on the deck.

This is because removing too much wood away from the board can make it weaker and less stable during rides.

You can check the cutout shapes by simply looking at the board’s picture and compare. If you see it’s too much, just pass. You’d want some cut-outs to avoid wheel bites, but not too much.

ABEC bearings

If you want to do some downhill racing besides cruising, then getting the ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings is the best bet.

The higher the ABEC number, the more precise your bearings are engineered. With more precision, your wheels will be able to roll faster, taking you to your destination quicker.

Good Longboard Brands

The Atom Pin-Tail 39 Inch Longboard

Here are some good brands you can take note of when you’re shopping for longboards:


Yocaher makes awesome boards for beginners and professional riders. There’s an endless array of graphics to choose from. Their boards are reasonably priced as well.


Atom is on the more pricey side of things, but their longboards are really the rockstar. The maple deck will provide you with an ultra-low-riding experience that is fun & enjoyable.


Playshion makes super light longboards that are fun to ride and easy for beginners. Although people buy Playshion boards for their kids, many 20- or 40-year-old still rely on this brand.


Landyachtz boards are quite expensive. However, their quality is one of the best. If you’re willing to invest a bit more, then you won’t be disappointed by such high quality.

Best Drop Down Longboards For Cruising

The Atom Drop Deck 39 Inch Longboard

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

This one is simple but it just works. You get a full laminated maple deck that provides a strong platform for your cruising.

With ABEC 9 bearings, you’ll be able to speed up and ride fast to school, to work. or to any places you’re heading.

The wheels are also wide, making it greater for stability. You should look into this board if you want a high-quality board at a good price.

Yocaher Professional Drop Down Complete Longboard

If you’re somewhat more skillful, then you should check out this professional drop down longboard.

One of the best things is you don’t need to spend time assembling it. Because it ships fully assembled.

There are so many cool graphics to choose from skulls, yin/yang or even the Golden Gate Bridge.

There is no flex on the deck. It is made of 9 layers of maple, which supports a great amount of weight.

Also, the price is pretty sweet for a longboard with ABEC 7 bearings and heavy-duty trucks. Certainly something you can check out more.

Yocaher Spirit Wolf Longboard Cruiser

The Quest Totem Natural Longboard

This is another good option from Yocaher. It has a super cool wolf design on the deck.

What makes this board special is its high-precision components, all of which are offered at an affordable price.

The board has a sturdy construction thanks to the 9 piles of maple. It’s also pretty long and wide, giving you more leg room to stand on.

You get 70mm Q-ball wheels that can roll nicely over cracks, rocks, pebbles, or debris without losing speed.

With the drop deck, you can place your feet more securely on the board.


In conclusion, drop down longboards are good for cruising. Their deck design makes it easy for riders to stand on and cruise comfortably around town. With the cutouts, you will lessen the probability of getting wheel bites when you turn at corners.

If you’re looking for a good longboard brand, then Atom or Yocaher is a good option. Be sure to check the weight capacity, cutouts, and bearings when buying. Consider before getting boards with big cutouts because they may make the deck weaker. Hope the post was somewhat helpful and have fun cruising around on your drop deck longboard.