About Me

thisismycredo.com is a blog that provides specialized information about skateboarding and all things related to the sport. Readers will find our posts helpful even if they’re just a starter or a master.

We write in simple, plain English that elementary school kids can understand. If you’re a parent or grandparent shopping for your kids, you will understand our content without any problems. From 7 to 70, everyone will enjoy the experience on our blog.

What You Can Get On The Blog

Here is an overview of all the different types of information you can find on this site. We list them out here so you can have a better understanding and clearer idea about what you’re getting. Check it out:

Well-researched product reviews: We spend hours researching & testing to see if the products are worth your time and money. All low-quality skateboards or accessories are immediately eliminated. Only the best ones remain and are given to you.

Super helpful tutorials: How-to guides shouldn’t make you scratch your head. That’s why we have a ton of helpful tutorials that are well-written so you can easily follow the instructions, and solve the problems yourself.

Open discussion: On all of our posts, you can freely voice your opinion and ideas. We have a strict policy to prevent spam, so only the most legit messages are replied to. We respect all the members in the community. You can also contact us privately if you want to share something valuable.

The Men Behind The Blog

Peter M. Arnwine is our founder. He created the site to help readers get through all the lingo jungle. He thinks skateboarding is not rocket science and that’s why it shouldn’t sound like rocket science either. With his simple and friendly approach, readers everywhere will benefit tremendously.

Alfonso Y. Heath is our content specialist. He makes sure every piece of content we put on the blog meets our strict standards. He has 3 rules: never spam readers, never scam readers, and never harm readers with inaccurate information. His strict rules have protected our site and the community from low-quality nonsense.

Wayne M. Moore is our customer champion. He talks to our readers and gets to know their issues better. He always looks toward simple solutions that are easy to implement and are effective. Many users love his funny jokes and incredibly helpful posts.